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In addition to the beautiful weather, and probably because of it, we had our highest percentage of matches played on a Thursday.  What a fantastic turnout, I hope you had half as much fun as I did.

Dan Cameron’s Team 10 certainly did – they took home 6 points in our first shutout of the year.  Congrats to Paul Pecor, Brian Saltzman, Germain Mopa and Gary von Stange on a great week and JC Williams for finding a sub who can win.

Team 11 – Ingram, and Team 2 – Gray had spectacular nights as well each winning 4.5 points on the week.  Not bad at all gentlemen.

A reminder that next week June 26th we have a Team Scramble Event with shotgun at 5:30.

I’ve posted your next scheduled match because Week 8 falls on July 3rd.   It’s typically a difficult match to schedule due to the holiday weekend.  Since The Bear takes July 10th out of our schedule, you can schedule and record your Week 8 match anytime between now and July 10th.

Thanks too for your help with the scorecards, I’ll have have Low Net and Skins results shortly.

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