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Thank you so much for a fantastic summer of golf. I laughed, cried and was an angry elf more than once but I had a blast. Time really did stand still, it wasn’t boring or repetitive. I remember just about every Thursday afternoon with fond memories.

Congratulations to Captain Roy L’Esperance, Nick Rinna, Michael Sirotkin, Roy Sokolowski, David Chafetz and Keith Saunders for an overwhelming victory in our Winners bracket the Pro V1 division.

Team Cameron landed in second place in Pro-V1 with help from Paul Pecor, Brian Saltzman, JC Williams, Germain Mopa and Gary von Stange.  Team Sleep took home the Third place prize lead by Rookie Captain Kevin Sleeper, Ryan LaVallee, Hank Barnes, Rich White, and Mark Levinsky.

Congratulations are also due for Captain Joel Dube, Anthony Esposito, Matt Bieber, Tom Kazak, Michael Lipson and Hal Evans from Team 1.  They came from behind, had a great late season and took the top spot in our Top Flite division.  In second place was Team 5 Liebgott with Ravi Vellapan, Ben Mallory, Michael Cheeseman, Bill Geiger and Michael Kehoe.  In third place was Rookie Player and Rookie Captain Jake Loeffler who stepped up and guided Dylan Lavallee, Bob Stewart, Sam Handy, Steve Pintauro and Doug Cauchon to a great year.

Congratulations to Doug Johnson who not only earned Rookie of the Year but also Player of the Year. With a smile on his face Doug won almost every match, many by grinding it out in the last few holes.  Paul Mayer took home the Undefeated award lasting the entire year (8-0-3) without a loss.

If you look at the names listed above I think it’s important to note that 8 of the people who won money this year were brand new members.  Jake Loeffler had three on his team alone.

I’ve played this game long enough to know that character defines the game.  While the rest of the country is losing membership and golf courses on a daily basis, VNCC is growing. It’s because you define this experience, this character.  Nearly 2 thirds of our members played every single match. That’s remarkable, especially for a Thursday night.

I laughed more this year than in any year I can remember. I also lost just about every match, thank you Ravi.  It’s not now, nor ever has been about winning or losing it’s about the friends we meet along the way.  Thanks for sharing this summer with me, I’ll always remember the time we spent together.

And it’s only 210 days until we start it golf all over again.  In the meantime you can still enjoy a bit of Fall Golf and our regular Thursday night Poker game.

See you in the Spring!  Play Well.

– JD




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