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Tonight’s matches should be interesting to say the least.  Remarkably, we might even get away without rain, or wind – it’s a perfect night for golf and I hope your excited too.

Our underdogs teams of the week are Overfield – Team 1 – Esposito – Team 9, Hankes – Team 8, Rublee – Team 13, Provost – Team 6, McGeoch – Team 15, and Gray – Team 3 – all of these teams are playing another Team with a higher ranking in the field.  If any of these teams win it makes for some serious changes in the points lead.  Don’t forget that every point counts – if you find yourself down a few holes don’t let go.  The teams in our first 5 money slots have each won a big match or two, but more importantly they don’t lose any matches by more than a point or two.

We also have some interesting refreshment options tonight.  In addition to the Fiddlehead Draft Special running all year for $3, we’ll have Citrus Chipotle BBQ Meatballs as a snack.

The Blue Plate Special is a Cheddar Ale Chicken Pot Pie with Peas, Carrots, Pearl Onions and a Puff Pastry Crust for $15

I’m hungry already.  Have fun tonight, Play well and I’ll see you in the bar for a beer.

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