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Last week we wrapped up the first half of men’s league and we’d like to congratulate Team Ginsbury and Team Mead for winning. Team Ginsbury lead the first half collecting 99.5 points while team Mead was on their heels with 97.5 points. We will be paying out both teams this week so we ask that you please stick around after your match to collect your winnings.

With the start of the second half all teams will be starting on a clean slate. This means that if you and your team stunk it up in the first half there is still hope for you to win some money this year. The last six matches of the year will determine which teams win this second half. What about the first half scores? No need to panic, we are keeping the overall team scores for the year and will be paying out the overall league winners come year end.

Week 7 Highlights

Teams Ginsbury & Yee won easily this past week collecting 15.5 points each. Nate helped his own cause firing a 37 on the front to win his match and all 4 points. Dylan Lavallee stepped up and got 3 points for team Ginsbury in route to their first half victory. For team Yee it was Michael Lipson and Charles Masenas out of the E&F flights who got 7 out of the 8 possible points for their team. A shout out goes to Dave Evarts as he shot a 36 on the front while eagling the fifth hole on his way to victory.

This past week we mixed things up with our weekly payout and had a putting contest. No one was able to sink the 80 foot downhill sloping putt but I would like to congratulate Ron Boucher for taking home the $100 prize. Ron lagged it up to within 1 foot to have some poker money for the night.

This week’s contest will closest to the pin for E&F flights on the front, holes 4 and 8. As I’m sure you’ve all noticed tomorrow calls for rain again. Please make sure to check the website throughout tomorrow as we will be providing an update in case of a complete wash out. Cross your fingers that the rain will hold off and that we will be able to get out there. We hope everyone has enjoyed the first half and we look forward to the remaining weeks!

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