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As I pulled into the parking lot last Thursday and saw the sun poking through the clouds I knew it wasn’t going to last for long with the summer we’ve had. Sure enough, like every Thursday so far, it began to rain as soon as we approached the third hole. Though most of us got wet this past week, all of the matches were completed that night which is a huge accomplishment as it’s almost been a month since we could say that.


Teams Sleeper & Loeffler were the big winners this past week taking home 16.5 points each. The team captains helped their own cause as Jake swept all 4 points in his match and Kevin took home 3 points. Darren Anand and Drew Gelfenbein combined to 6.5 points to help lead team Loeffler to victory. For team Sleeper it was Doug Johnson (3.5 points) and Chris Thompson (3 points) stepping up and winning in fashion.

This past week our weekly event was closest to the pin for the C&D flights on the front nine. Our winners were Michael Troescher on 8 and David Chafetz on 4. David knocked his shot to 6 feet and we can only hope he made it for birdie! If you haven’t collected your money for this past week’s contest please see me Thursday night.

This week we will be having a Gin tasting out on the patio. If you happen to see Nicole please thank her for arranging these tastings for us. This week’s event will be closest to the pin for A&B flights on the front nine. Lastly, the current standings are updated with last weeks results but not week 10. You still have until this Thursday 8/10 to complete your week 10 match.

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