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Team Results

The best team of the night was Team Loeffler with 17 out of a possible 24 points, and they had a Sub!  The team of Matt Bieber, Darren Anand, Drew Gelfenbein, Colin McIntosh, Jake Loeffler and Richard Slusky managed to get out of the evening with one loss, one tie and 4 wins with 2 of those being shutouts.  Teams Sleeper, L’Esperance, Evarts and Yee aren’t far behind.

Individual Results

Speaking of shutouts, we had 10 overall – 4 in the F Flight, 3 in the E Flight, 1 in the C Flight and another 2 in the B Flight.  I should mention that I know at least 2 of those were no shows for the night.  Captains, make sure your players are showing up!

Our players in the number one slot after our first week are Doug Johnson, Tyler Troescher, Kurt Liebgott, Jake Loeffler, Hall Evans, Roy L’Esperance and Kevin Sleeper.  We had two rookies win their first match with a blowout.  Charlie Masenas and Daryl Campney, welcome to Men’s League!  And a special shout out to Richard Slusky who got his first win and a shutout subbing for Captain Loeffler!

Individual Money

As promised we had our first of 13 weeks of Thursday prizes, just another reason to show up and play on Thursday.  This week it was a Closest to the Pin contest for our E and F Flight players.  The Closest to the Pin version of our weekly prizes will only be on the front nine, but you’ll have a chance to win on both par 3s.  This week Jake Loeffler stuck his tee shot on 4 to 6’11” and Dan Ryan got to 13’11 on the 8th hole to each win $80 in cash.  Congrats to you both!

In an effort to distribute more money, more regularly to more people we limited this Closest to the Pin to just the E and F flights, next week it’s B and C – make sure to play the front nine next week folks!


My apologies for the confusion with Scorecards last night, I didn’t do a very good job communicating our needs to the Pro Shop.  Next week we’ll make a couple of changes.   Thanks for your patience as we worked out a few kinks in our new process, we’ll have more details to follow.

Have a great weekend, stay dry!

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