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Looks like the golfing god’s are once again bestowing a sun filled day upon us in between the torrential down-poors.  Should be a great night for golf, food, drink and some witty banter (or at least banter)!

There is a new page under “About The League” for league photos.  Team photos (courtesy of Mike Abate’s Photography) from the week one scramble can be found there.  For those of you new to the website and/or the internet in general, the link can be found on the right hand side of the website under the “quick links” section or at the top by clicking the little triangle next to “about the league” :).  We will be looking to add to the photo library, so if you have some league appropriate pics, feel free to send them to Kris, JD and I.

Last but not least, congrats to this years VNCC Member-Memeber winners, Tyler Troescher and Chris Bouchard took down the green jacket this past weekend.  I heard they won it with birdie on the final playoff hole, well done gentlemen!

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