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For most of us just having a scorecard last week was a treat, but for some members the scorecard caused some confusion.  We’ve corrected a few items on the card for this week and wanted to share a summary of the scoring, particularly how handicaps and strokes are calculated.

Changes for this Thursday’s Scorecard

  • 4-Match Scoring Instructions printed on card
  • Handicapping Instructions printed on card
  • Accurate Course Handicap (based on recommended Flight Tee Box)
  • Overall Strokes and Hole Indicators NOT PRINTED on card

Historically, members had to go online or lookup in GHIN the opponents handicap, and were forced into playing a certain set of tees.  This caused confusion, delay in teeing off and most importantly wasn’t really a USGA approved method for handicapping our matches.  This year the Pro Shop will be updating your handicaps through GHIN and printing scorecards based on that week’s matches.  They will also be using your COURSE HANDICAP instead of just your GHIN Handicap.  This means that if you want to play a different tee box than your opponent the Handicaps and strokes can be adjusted quickly from the starter box.

Handicapping a normal match –

  • Pick up your scorecard from the starter
  • Find the difference between course handicaps (Ex:  16-13 = 3)
  • Divide by 2 (Ex:  3/2=1.5)
  • Drop anything after the decimal (Ex – 1 Stroke)
  • Indicate the stroke holes on the nine holes you are playing

What if I play a Sub?

  • Write in his name
  • Ask Starter or Pro Shop for Course Handicap for the Tee Box you’re playing
  • Follow the handicapping steps above

What if I want to play a Tee Box that’s different than my opponent?

  • Ask the Starter or Pro Shop for Course Handicap you’re playing
  • Follow the handicapping steps above

What if we BOTH want to move Tee Boxes from recommended?

  • Don’t worry about adjusting both Course Handicaps
  • Follow the handicapping steps above



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