Looks like the golfing god’s are once again bestowing a sun filled day upon us in between the torrential down-poors.  Should be a great night for golf, food, drink and some witty banter (or at least banter)!

There is a new page under “About The League” for league photos.  Team photos (courtesy of Mike Abate’s Photography) from the week one scramble can be found there.  For those of you new to the website and/or the internet in general, the link can be found on the right hand side of the website under the “quick links” section or at the top by clicking the little triangle next to “about the league” :).  We will be looking to add to the photo library, so if you have some league appropriate pics, feel free to send them to Kris, JD and I.

Last but not least, congrats to this years VNCC Member-Memeber winners, Tyler Troescher and Chris Bouchard took down the green jacket this past weekend.  I heard they won it with birdie on the final playoff hole, well done gentlemen!

The way this golf season has been going it was a pleasant surprise to see the sunshine last night. When I pulled into the parking lot and couldn’t find a spot I knew it was going to be a great men’s league night. There was a lot of great golf going on last night, I wish I could say the same but I was one of the lucky ones to have the fantastic sesame chicken blue plate.


The most productive team of the week was team Handy collecting 15 out of 24 points. The D&E flights took 7 points on the night for team Handy as Chris Gregorie grabbed 4 points and Jose Negron took 3. There was some very good golf going on in the A flight as Bobby Webb came out guns a blazing birding the first two holes. Matt Beiber chipped in for birdie on the 8th hole to win his match and Travis Mott was pin seeking with four birdies and took down Ravi Velappan.

Our closet to the pin winners were from the C and D flight this week. Michael Sirotkin came in with a smile on his face saying he lost his match to Tyler Troescher but stuck it close on the 4th hole. His winning shot landed within five feet but the word is he missed the putt and halved hole. Bill Lawless was the closet to the pin winner on the 8th hole but will not be paid as he was subbing this week!

New this week was skins for E&F flights. We had two winners Michael Cheeseman and Keith Saunders. Michael must have hit one of his towering drives when he birdied the 5th hole to collect his $80 and Keith hit a great shot when he birdied the 8th for his $80. Congrats to the both of you for your birdies! By the time we received all the cards for skins it was close to 8:30 so if you didn’t receive your money please make sure to swing by the pro shop and touch base with Mike.

The standings are currently updated with scores from weeks 1, 3, 4. We currently have 15 matches that need to be played from the week 2 rainout. Please note, if your match is not played by June 22nd it will be recorded as a 2-2 split.

It was great seeing everyone last night and we hope you had a great night. Lastly, if you’re playing this weekend in the member-member we wish you the best of luck, hit them straight and try to stay dry.

What is happening tonight?

Tonight we will have two cash events on the front nine. The first will be making up the closest to the pin for C&D flights on holes 4 & 8. The other event is a new one and will be skins on the front for E&F flights.

How will skins work?

E/F flight players will fill out their score cards per normal with their gross scores. Skins will be paid out to the players who record the lowest score on a hole that no one else matches. Please note, we will only pay out skins to birdies or better. Pars do not win skins. At the end of your match please make sure to drop off your score card in the Men’s league box.

If you still haven’t made up your week 2 match like I haven’t yet, you have until June 22nd. If you don’t make it up before then your match will be considered a split. Get out there and play!

Lastly, for those of you who are playing in the member-member this weekend we wish you the best of luck! Keep a look out for the Cassidy’s as they are going for a three-peat!

It’s been years since we’ve had back-to-back rainy nights.  Thanks for those that stuck it out and played in the rain.  At least the Blue Plate Special warmed you up, heard the Shrimp Creole was fantastic.

Last week’s hail storm caused almost 75% of the matches to be cancelled or rescheduled.  We mentioned that you’d be able to make up your match anytime before June 22nd, the last week of our first half of the season.  The reality is that you should play it as soon as possible, don’t procrastinate.

We’ll leave the Week 2 Scoreboard up until June 22nd, any matches NOT marked on the Scoreboard on June 22nd will be considered a split.

Week 3 Update

This week the course stayed open – and we play rain or shine.  Kudos to all those that braved the cold and the rain.  We had 10 matches that did not post a score, and given the nasty weather we’ve decided to leave the scoreboard up until next week.  If you decided to stay home instead of playing, shame on you, but we’re giving you a break.  You’ll until next week, June 1st, to make up your Week 3 match.

The Leaderboard has been updated assuming those matches are a Split, 2 points to each player.  Next Thursday we’ll update and new scores, and adjust Leaderboard.


The most productive team of the Week was Team Mead with 17.5 out of 24 points.  Captain Justin Mead is first time player and Captain, a big role to take on and it appears he’s handling it well.  Both Justin and his A Flight Player, Rick Casadonte recorded 4 point victories last night.  Chris Bouchard decided to beat me early on Wednesday and gave his Team L’Esperance 4 of their 17 points.  Roy L’Esperance just doesn’t like to lose, he took another 3 1/2 points for a total of 7 points for the year and the best overall record.

Our closest to the pin winners were from the A and B Flights this week.  Doug Johnson won $80 for his shot on the 8th hole and Jason Sherman won $80 on the 4th.  Congrats to both of you.  If you went home without the cash, be sure to stop by the Pro Shop and pick it up!  Next week will be a redo on Closest for the C and D Flights and a Skins competition for all, stay tuned for more details.

As always have fun and play well this weekend!