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It’s finally here and I can’t wait. It’s been a long winter. An even tougher spring. Despite the forecast I still can’t wait to hit a golf ball.

We’re going to start at 5:30, carts will be set up with your team pairings, and your clubs if you leave them at the club. There will be a player list outside the bag room if you’re a sub and a Bar cart waiting for you on the putting green.

Our format tomorrow is Alternate shot. Your Team will all play from the same Tee Box but in three different groups. The three groups are – A Flight paired with D Flight, B with E and C with F. A, B and C Flight will play from the Gold Tees on Odd Numbered holes and D, E and F Flights from the Blue Tees on Even numbered holes. At the end of the night we’ll add your Team’s two lowest scores and pay out a winning team.

More importantly we’ll have a feast courtesy of Chef Justin in the clubhouse immediately following the event. Chicken, Ribs, Baked Potatoes, salads and Corn Bread are all on the menu. We might also have a drink special so you can lick your wounds and catch up with both old friends and new.

We will play some golf no matter the weather, show up even if you have a doubt. And show up for dinner even if you can’t play.

See you tomorrow! Bring an umbrella and a smile. You’ll need both.

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