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If you didn’t make it to Draft Night this year, you missed a great evening of banter to start off our 2016 season.  The club rolled out the red carpet of complimentary apps and beverages.  Despite the late start we finished up around 7:30.

Our first draft pick of the night went to Bobby Webb!  Congratulations but you’re basically doomed for some bad luck.  Seems to always happen that way.

This Thursday is our Opening Day Scramble.  It’s a shotgun as close to 5pm as we can, this early in the season we struggle with visibility.  We’ll also have food (rumored to be BBQ Chicken Sandwiches and Bacon Jack Cheesburgers) and adult beverages on the range to grab and go at no additional charge, be sure to show up early and grab something to keep your energy up.

If you can’t make it, I’ve invited all of our subs to join us.  The club will have carts assigned and labeled with your names and organized by your Team Number, it will be a two-person scramble.  Your Men’s League Team of 6 players will be divided into Three Groups of Two players and all play from the same tee box.  At the end of the round you’ll turn in your top two rounds of 9 holes.  The lowest combined score of all teams wins the event and the cash.

After the tournament we’ll also celebrate last year’s winning Captain with a Champions Blue Plate dinner.  Alastair Ingram won last year by picking a whole lot of rookies that ended up out performing everyone.  He deserves a congrats, stick around and have some of his Blue Plate Choice Prime Rib Special while I tally up the scores.

See you on Thursday, and as always play well and have fun!

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