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About Last Night

The first pick in our draft earned his money last night in our Opening Day Scramble, Alternate Shot Team Event.  Bobby Webb dropped a wedge on 14 from about 60 yards to help his Team Mancuso win the overall on the back nine with a 79.  Team Sleeper took home the cash on the front nine with an impressive total score of 82.

Despite the confusion I created over using the word Scramble, and the how the Alternate shot should be scored, and the fact that Alternate Shot this early in the season is a horrible idea I still think the evening was a success.  I hope you did too.

The point of our first event of the year is fun, not competition.  It’s all about meeting your new teammates and getting to know them a little better over a beer.  I certainly had the chance to do that even though we recorded more than our fair share of Double Bogey’s.

Week 1 Update

Next Thursday we have our first week of competition and at the moment it looks like we might even have some warm weather!  If you need a refresher on Match Play or handicaps, visit the Playing your Match page.

This Week’s Schedule has been published for you and will be updated every Friday, you can follow the link above.  I’ve also put together a Full Year Schedule that, although it might require a bit of searching the Team Rosters page, should give you an idea of what’s coming up.

You can also subscribe to our Google Calendar if you’d want to roll that way.  In the coming weeks I’ll have to make some changes to the second half of the season (usually after The Bear) but if you add the Google Calendar you’ll see the changes.

Blue Plate

If you missed out on our Championship Blue Plate last night, it was awesome.  If you’re new to the league don’t miss the next one.  What is it all about?  Each week Chef Justin cooks up a special for our League with these things in mind – It should be out of the kitchen fast, something you can eat anywhere, and a good price.  We’ve been offering this, with a drink special to wash it down, and it’s been a huge hit.  Chef always delivers something so great that they usually run out, so put your order in early!  There is a link to the Blue Plate on the webpage, he usually updates it on Wednesday if you want to see what’s for dinner before you get to the course.

As always, have fun and play well!  See you on Thursday!



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