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Week 1

Tomorrow is the first week of individual match play and the first week for our brand new 4 point scoring system (think of it as 3 more points for being late)!  Be sure to check the match schedule/roster and contact your opponent for a time on Thursday to play your match.  You don’t have to play your match on Thursday but highly recommend.   You can only take advantage the the Weekly Prizes when you play on Thursday!  This week is Closest to the Pin on holes 4 and 8 for flights E and F!  If you’re in the E or F flight, make sure you play on the Front Nine!


The Pro Shop is now printing scorecards for every single match this year, and they’ll have current handicaps for the entire course.  Check in with the Starter (not the Pro Shop) for your scorecard.  If you have a sub, make sure to have him pick up the scorecard and if needed, ask the Pro Shop for help adjust the handicapped holes.  Subs should use the pre-printed card, but adjust for their own handicap.  After your round be sure to post your points on our scoreboard (locker room), add your signed scorecard in the box (member lounge) and post your adjusted score to GHIN (outside pro shop).

New Format

We’ve posted the scoring format in the locker room be sure to take a look.  If you’re planning to run from the parking lot to the tee box tomorrow, take a peek at the scoring page here for details on the new scoring  format.  We are excited about the new 4 point system as it should give guys more ways to win.  Who doesn’t like more ways to win?

19th Hole

Need more reasons to play on Thursday?  Most of our members already do, and we usually pack the bar.  Chef Justin provides complimentary apps starting around 7, makes sure we have a drink special and puts together a special meal deal just for us – the Blue Plate.  What’s a Blue Plate?  For our league, it’s a hearty meal that you can eat anywhere, offered at a lower price, and delivered in minutes.  That’s right, our goal was to get you food quickly and without hassle.

Above all, have fun and play well!

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