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What a gorgeous night for golf.  We saw the sun, didn’t really have any wind and quite a few golfers took advantage of the situation with some really low rounds and effective match play.

So let’s start this update with the Underdogs I mentioned last week, particularly Jim Rublee’s Team 13.  They proved this week that anything can happen if you keep moving forward.  Tim Voigt, Doug Cauchon, Ernie Rossi, and Pat Whitehouse all took home wins tonight, Captain Jim Rublee and Dan Jenkins never gave up and ended up tying their matches for the best Team victory of the night and the only undefeated team of Week 7.  It’s worth noting they went 4-0-2 against a Team that was Thirteen Positions and 30+ points ahead of them in the overall standings.  Who doesn’t love it when David beats Goliath?

In the second most lop-sided Team Match of the evening Captain Esposito and Team 9 played Michael Cassidy and Team 11 to a straight up tie.  Ties aren’t usually worth mentioning unless you’re down 10 positions and 28 points away from your opponents.  Kudos and a special shout out to Paul Mayer with 7.5 points, Bill Keyser with 6.5 points and filling in for Anthony a hole into the match, without a minute to warm up – Mark Heyman with 6 points.  Cassidy and Bill Geiger both took 7.5 points and who else but Joshua (are you kidding me) Parker had another great week with 8.5 points.  Overall he had a rough day, showed up late, didn’t warm up and almost missed the first hole entirely.  Despite it all he still took home a portion of all but one hole.

How did the Underdogs do overall?  Not bad if you consider the spreads going in, it came out to 2-2-4 overall record.  Maybe the Tortoise really does win the race?

What about Individual Performances?  Frankly, Karma is going to bite me in the ass.  If you happen to play Kevin Sleeper next week, don’t challenge him to show his feathers, he doesn’t like to be provoked.  I felt bad taunting him last week for his first loss of the season.  He came back and actually did prove me wrong – he took 9 points away from the match tonight and didn’t let me forget.  After the round, in the bar, after dinner, on his way out the door – let’s just say he’s motivated to prove me wrong.

There were some other great performances this week, both team and individual.  Peter Yee had another great week with 8.5 points.  “Bantam” Ben Mallory took home 8 points for Team 15.  Captain Elliot Gray, Todd Kummer each won 7.5 points and Travis Fitzgerald Bill Stirewalt, Roy L’Esperance, and Alastair Ingram each won 7 points in their matches.

Our Cameron Cup Flight leaders are Ravi Velappan, Roy Sokolowski, Roy L’Esperance, Bill Geiger and Bill Lawliss (Co-lead D Flight), Paul Mayer, and Joshua Parker.

I’ve got a few things to clarify surrounding Week 9 (July 4th) and my Pace of Play rant.  You have a lot of questions and I want to make sure to answer them for you.  I’ll post something before we play on Thursday.

I also asked that if you had questions, to post a comment.  About a week ago this little website of ours was spammed like only a bad reference to Space Balls could explain – I lost the bleeps, the sweeps and the creeps.  There’s only one man who would dare give me the Raspberry…..click here if you don’t get my my random tangent.  The point is that I’ve had to shut down Comments on the site and remove the opportunity temporarily, 1700 last week alone.  Too many male enhancement ads to review all at once.  If I’ve deleted your legit comment, my apologies just send me note.

Play Well.

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