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I just wanted to put a couple of things out there in response to questions you’ve asked these last few weeks.

We haven’t played Skins or Low Net yet this year, I have just now wrangled our league into a new piece of golf event management software.  The new software will make scoring far more simple than the Google Spreadsheet spectacular that I inherited, cleaned up and unhacked earlier this year.  We’ll pick it up in Week 9 thanks for your patience.

Jaden and Emilie

Thank you Emilie!

The Brad Memorial One-Club Challenge has been moved from next Thursday to sometime later in the year.  Since July 2nd is in advance of the long weekend we always waive the need to play on or before that night.  You have a grace period to play your match anytime before July 9th.

After The Bear we’ll also let Captains make any changes to their lineup as needed and divide our teams into two different groups known traditionally as Pro-V1 and the X-Out Divisions.  Play will continue in rotation so that you’ll still play everyone in your flight by the end of the season.

I also want to thank Ryan Jordan from Southern Wine and Spirits for the Chivas Regal and Glenlivet tasting, it seems like it was a huge success.  Ryan will be back 2 more times this season, the next being our Team Event night on June 30th.  If you’d like to have him bring something specific (like bourbon and cigars) please let me know.  If the weather cooperates, we’ll be down by the fire pit after the round.  Yes, we have a fire pit.

Finally, thank you so much for helping me congratulate and say goodbye to Emilie Rainville.  It’s just remarkable to me how well she deals with our bullshit with such grace.  I actually had to be reminded last night who we had as a bartender before Jaden and Emilie.    Good Luck Emilie and stay in touch!

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