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In order to be a Full Time player in the league you must be male and a Full Individual, Full Family, Junior Executive, or Senior Executive Golf member of VNCC. You don’t have to be Tiger Woods– or even John Daly — everyone can play and have still have fun. All you need to do right now is fill out the form below.

We are always looking for Substitutes to fill in for the Full Time Members. There is no fee for Substitutes to play in our league beyond the normal fees and/or restrictions of your membership.

Individual and Family Social Members, Non-Resident Members and Employees of the Club can sign up to be a Substitute for Men’s League. Learn more about Fees and Prizes.

Teams are drafted with one captain and 6 members (including the captain) from flights A,B,C,D,E,F. Former league members will be selected first, followed by new members until all players are drafted.  You can estimate your flight by this handicap range: A (0-8), B (8-11), C (11-13), D (13-15), E (15-20), F (20+)

We are always looking for substitutes, please take a minute to add your name for the list.