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We play 13 weeks of Individual Match Play. Click here for a link to the USGA rules governing Match Play. (We also throw in a few weeks of Team Events as time and weather permits). You will keep a scorecard from your matches played on Thursday Only. Hand them into the bag room, pro shop or drop them in the box in the poker room.

The overall winner in both team and individual titles always wins the most holes over the course of the season, not necessarily the most matches. Every hole is important until you’ve lost the hole. If you are hitting your eighth shot to the green while your opponent is looking over a tap in birdie. Pick up your ball and move on — you’ve lost.

Golf Points

These points determine our Team and Individual Championship Winners:

Match Points – Match points are allotted in three hole increments and for the overall victor.  Scoring is as follows;

  • First three holes (1-3) = 1 point for winner and .5 point for tie
  • Second three holes (4-6) = 1 point for winner and .5 point for tie
  • Last three holes (7-9) = 1 point for winner and .5 point for tie
  • Aggregate 9 hole match = 1 point for winner and .5 point for tie

In the following scenario Bob won the first three hole match.  Joe won the second match and the third match, he also won the Nine Hole Match.  Score this match as Joe 3, Bob 1.








What about ties?

In this next example, Bob still wins the first three hole match but they tie the second three hole match.  Joe wins the third three hole match.  They tie the overall 9 hole match having each won three holes.  The score of this match would be Bob 2, Joe 2.  The second three hole match yielded each player a 1/2 point, the 9 Hole also match yielded 1/2 point for each player.








Team Events

Team events will have different scoring formats (not counted towards season long scoring listed above) and we will update you on the format as the week approaches.  The format should also be provided on or near the scorecard.  These events are designed to be a fun event where you get to play with your entire team for that week (subs if a regular player can’t make), with the winning teams being rewarded in the end at the 19th hole!

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