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The Pro Shop makes it easy to schedule your tee time, but it is your responsibility. There are 17 tee times on Thursdays between 3:20-6:00 pm for the front nine, plus tee times from 4:00-6:00 pm on the back nine, which is typically enough (rarely are all the matches played on Thursday afternoon).

Arrange your tee time with your partner, and then the club as soon as possible in order to get the starting time that you and your opponent prefer.

We recommend that “A” and “B” Flight plays from Gold Tees,  “C” and “D” Flights play from the Blue Tees and the “E” and “F” Flight plays from the White Tees.   The tee box you play from is NOT Mandatory, as long as both you and your opponent agree you can play from any tee box you’d prefer.  If you don’t both agree, play from the recommended tee boxes. 

Scheduling your Match –

  1. Find out what opposing Team you’re playing – take a look at the Match Play Schedule to find out — it’s posted here, on the calendar and in the clubhouse.
  2. Find the Player on the Team above – take a look at the Team Rosters and determine who is in your flight on the team you’re playing — he’s your opponent.
  3. Contact him – Use the phone numbers and email address provided on the Team Rosters to contact your opponent as soon as possible.
  4. Schedule your match – Book your tee time online, click here: VNCC Tee Times, Call the Pro Shop if you must.
  5. Plan for food – Golf is exercise (at any level!) and you’ll need food after. If you think you might eat something more than club-sponsored appetizers, please call the club and let them know you might sit in the bar and have a burger with your beer.

Before and After your Round –

  1. Pick up your Scorecard – every week the pro shop will produce scorecards with names and strokes, pick up your card from the starter.
  2. Play your Match – keep track of the point-per-hole scores and the match point. Record a score for every hole as well as the gross scores.
  3. Record your Match – before the end of the day on Thursday. Right it on the board in the men’s locker room.
  4. Turn in your Scorecard – If you played on Thursday, put your scorecard in the box in the locker room with both guys signatures.
  5. Record your score – on the GHIN Handicap computer downstairs, record your Equitable Stroke Control score.

What if you can’t schedule a match with your opponent?

Find a Substitute – Each team drafts two dedicated subs, contact one of them first. You can also substitute your playing spot with any male VNCC member with a valid USGA handicap. You will receive hole points and win points based on the outcome of the match. Your substitute will be responsible for all of the steps above, no excuses.

Split the Match – You can both agree to split your match.  On the Scoreboard in the Locker Room, write down your score as 1/2 point.

What if I’ve scheduled and he’s late or doesn’t show up?

Shit happens.  If you’re the late guy it’s your responsibility to contact your opponent, and the Pro Shop to let them both know your plan – before your tee time.  If you’re the on time guy, play the round of golf even if you don’t hear from your opponent.  If your opponent ends up joining you on the course in progress, any holes you both play in full count in the match as played.  Those not played together in full go to the guy who showed up on time.

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