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The Google Calendar is below is the most accurate schedule for Men’s League.  You can also add it to your own calendar tool like iPhone and Android phones.

We play 13 traditional weeks of Match Play, plus additional weeks for Team Events, Inter-club matches and our banquet.  It’s all on the Google Calendar.

We also have a google spreadsheet that has an entire year’s worth of matches with contact information.  The spreadsheet has a Tab for each week of play.

You can find it here – 2017 Match Schedule

If you click on the red Men’s League for any date,  you’ll find Team Matches for that week.  You can click on the Team Rosters link above to find out who you’re playing.

NOTE:  As of 5/3 we’re still developing the second half of the season, as soon as it’s done, we’ll make changes below and update the weekly match details for each week.

You can view your schedule for the entire year below.  Scroll down to find your name.


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  1. Michael Cassidy says:

    John, Can you direct me on your sight so I can see what each team got for points each week and I’m having a hard time locating all the future matches. A suggestion for something this league has never done is to have all the players play off the front tees for something different to do

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