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I had a last minute idea before the Draft Night a few weeks ago and put together a Flight Roster for anyone to fill out.  I called it a Fantasy League Pick after my second beer and more than a few people liked the idea.  The problem was that I didn’t have any real way to keep track of it all.  (OK, so maybe the problem was that I opened my mouth after the second beer)

Almost 2 weeks later, The Massey Men’s League Fantasy Draft is ready to go and you’re welcome to be your own Captain and pick a Fantasy Team.  Here’s the deal.  You fill out the Online Form sometime between now and next Thursday May 9th.  You’ll need to make up a Fantasy Team Name, Pick one Player from each Flight, and Pick a Rookie of the Year to settle ties.  Add your email address and name so I can contact you and collect an entry fee of $10.

I’ll post a Fantasy Leader Board at some point in May so you can keep track of your ponies, and your chances of winning some money.  It’s winner take all based on the total points from each of your picks.  We’ll pay it out at the Championship Banquet.

Here’s a link to the Entry Form – Massey Men’s League Fantasy Draft

Good Luck!

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