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holeinoneAlthough almost a week ago, I’ll bet that Gary von Stange is still smiling.  And telling the story of a hole-in-one on the 13th hole.  It’s probably not a surprise that it also earns him $50 and our skin for the week 9.  What is not only surprising but I think rather funny is that he didn’t win another hole.  Jonathon Bloom beat him on every other hole, shot a 41 from the F Flight and took home Low Net.

What a great round of golf, congrats to both of you.

Apparently, I’ve also forgotten to Congratulate David Chafetz and Nick Riina from way back in Week 7.  David won Low Net and Nick took home the skin, sorry for not mentioning it guys.

Division Update

You might remember that we’re returning to the Divisional Playoff Format we all missed so much last year.  Due to the Week 8 / July 4th open match thingy, I’ve had a few corrections to make that adjusted our standings by a few points.  I’ve also corrected a problem I’ve been struggling with all season – the damn Sub List Team.  I’ve decided to adjust Team Points to 3 for any team playing the Sub List.  If you do actually play a sub, or play against your course handicap and win or tie it counts in your own win/loss/tie record.  A loss disappears.  Your team isn’t hurt either way.

On the leaderboard this week, I’ve included the Week 1-8 totals as a way of closing out the “Pre-Season” and letting the playoffs begin.  If you made it into The Pro-V1 Division you’ll be playing for more money, but you won’t leave the Division.  Same with the Top-Flight Division, just less money.

Play well, Have fun.


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