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This Thursday is our Championship Banquet.  Our much loved VNCC closes their doors to the rest of our membership and puts on a fantastic dinner for just our Massey Men’s League.
A few good reasons for attending –
  • Connect with friends one last time as a Team and League
  • Prime Rib and Lobster
  • Free Drinks
  • I’m really looking forward to seeing you all again
  • Poker after dinner
Unfortunately, when I posted last week that I needed you to sign up and indicate if you were planning to attend, only about half of our members chose to do that.  I need you to do that.  I need you to do that now.  Either way, please take action, we owe Zack, Justin, Emily and the rest of our VNCC extended family an accurate count.
If you don’t remember if you filled out the form (I created the form and couldn’t remember, it’s ok) click here – Championship Banquet Attendees
If you didn’t tell us your intentions, or your name isn’t on the list, please click here to let us know if we’ll see you on Thursday – Register for the Championship Banquet
Thank you for doing the right thing and I hope to see you on Thursday.
Since it’s my last Banquet it will be a bittersweet evening for me.  With that said, I promise to make the awards ceremony quick, fun and enjoyable!  I can’t promise it won’t include a little emotion on my part, it’s been such an honor getting to know you, spending time with you and doing everything I can to make this Men’s League experience something special for each of you.  I’m truly going to miss this Thursday experience.
Finally, just a couple of last minute notes if you CAN’T attend:
  • Don’t hesitate to send this to a Substitute member that helped you out.  Have them fill out the form – we just need them to tell us they’re coming.
  • You already paid for your dinner, if you can’t attend your dinner fee goes toward cocktails and that equals Fun and Enjoyable!  Thank you for the hangover!

See you tomorrow!

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