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Last week we wrapped up our men’s league with our annual Cameron cup. It was certainly a cold and windy night and the scores surely reflected that. I’d like to thank Dan again for sponsoring this event, without his help men’s league wouldn’t be able to host this each year. Now onto the Winners!

A – Bob Stewart – 38

B – Sam Handy – 43

C – Tyler Troescher – 40

D – Dave Chafetz – 44

E – Joel Dude – 44

F – Kevin Sleeper – 45

Note: Please see Mike Abate in the pro shop if you haven’t received your winnings for the Cameron Cup.

Year End Banquet

Our Banquet will be on Sept 21st starting at 6pm. We will be paying the winners from each flight, second half team winners and overall team winners. There will be tastings available and a wonderful dinner from the club. I hope to see you all then!

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