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Last week we wrapped up our men’s league with our annual Cameron cup. It was certainly a cold and windy night and the scores surely reflected that. I’d like to thank Dan again for sponsoring this event, without his help men’s league wouldn’t be able to host this each year. Now onto the Winners!

A – Bob Stewart – 38

B – Sam Handy – 43

C – Tyler Troescher – 40

D – Dave Chafetz – 44

E – Joel Dude – 44

F – Kevin Sleeper – 45

Note: Please see Mike Abate in the pro shop if you haven’t received your winnings for the Cameron Cup.

Year End Banquet

Our Banquet will be on Sept 21st starting at 6pm. We will be paying the winners from each flight, second half team winners and overall team winners. There will be tastings available and a wonderful dinner from the club. I hope to see you all then!

This week we will be playing our annual Compass Cup! We will be changing it up this year and making this event a whole league event. The format for this week will be lowest gross score for each flight to take home the cash!

How it will Work

The tee sheet will be set up like a regular men’s league night. Pick a time on Thursday that works for you and play with anyone in men’s league. You will have the option to play the front nine or the back nine. Please note, the back nine tee times will start after 5 like a regular men’s league week. The individual with the lowest nine hole score in each flight will be declared the winner.

The Rules

This is a gross stroke event which means you need to play your ball into the hole… Yes that means no more three foot GIMEES! We understand there could be some blowup holes which could slow play down, so we will be having a max of a 10 on a hole.


We will have a scoreboard on the patio with all the flights and names so when you finish you can see how you matched up in your flight. Scorecards will be provided by the starter per usual. We ask that you and you playing partner exchange scorecards at the beginning of the round and score each other’s round. At the end of the round you will review the cards and submit your score.

A special thanks!

If you see Dan Cameron please reach out and thank him for sponsoring this event! Without Dan’s help we wouldn’t be able to have this event each year.

This week’s team event will be a best ball format. Each team member will play their own ball and the team will take the two lowest scores out of the six for each hole. Every team must use each team members score at least once throughout the nine holes. At the end of the nine, each team will have an 18hole score and the lowest score will take home the CASH!

As summer season comes to an end our nights are getting much shorter. With that being said, this event will start at 5pm sharp so we aren’t playing in the dark.  As always, there will be food and beer provided prior to the shotgun start. We wish you the best of luck and more importantly have some fun with your team.

Last week Mother Nature stepped up her game and gave us all the beautiful Thursday night we’ve been hoping for. It was great to finally see everyone out on the patio socializing and enjoying the sun. As we head into our final week of match play I’m excited to see how everything plays out. We currently have 7 teams within 6.5 points fighting for the overall league crown!

Second-Half Leaders:

Our current second half team leader is team Sleeper leading the way with 72 points. Closely behind is team Loeffler with 70 points, team Ingram 68 points and team Cassidy 67 points. Can team Sleeper hold on this week and take home the second half victory or is team Cameron going to spoil it for them?

Overall Team Leaders:

The overall league team leader is team Ginsbury with 157.5 points. Right on their heels is six other teams within striking distance! Team Loeffler 157, team L’esperance 154.5, team Cassidy 153, team Sleeper 152.5, team Evart’s 151.5 and team Ingram 151. Good luck to all the teams in the hunt, I can’t wait to see what the final outcome is.

We do have a scotch tasting tonight out on the patio. Please make sure to thank Nicole for all of her hard work this summer setting up these tastings and allowing us to have a chance to win some prizes. Lastly, we will have a team event next week that will start at 5. We haven’t decided the format for the event yet, so if have any ideas for our last team event please let me know. Best of luck tonight in your final match and hit them straight.