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It’s been years since we’ve had back-to-back rainy nights.  Thanks for those that stuck it out and played in the rain.  At least the Blue Plate Special warmed you up, heard the Shrimp Creole was fantastic.

Last week’s hail storm caused almost 75% of the matches to be cancelled or rescheduled.  We mentioned that you’d be able to make up your match anytime before June 22nd, the last week of our first half of the season.  The reality is that you should play it as soon as possible, don’t procrastinate.

We’ll leave the Week 2 Scoreboard up until June 22nd, any matches NOT marked on the Scoreboard on June 22nd will be considered a split.

Week 3 Update

This week the course stayed open – and we play rain or shine.  Kudos to all those that braved the cold and the rain.  We had 10 matches that did not post a score, and given the nasty weather we’ve decided to leave the scoreboard up until next week.  If you decided to stay home instead of playing, shame on you, but we’re giving you a break.  You’ll until next week, June 1st, to make up your Week 3 match.

The Leaderboard has been updated assuming those matches are a Split, 2 points to each player.  Next Thursday we’ll update and new scores, and adjust Leaderboard.


The most productive team of the Week was Team Mead with 17.5 out of 24 points.  Captain Justin Mead is first time player and Captain, a big role to take on and it appears he’s handling it well.  Both Justin and his A Flight Player, Rick Casadonte recorded 4 point victories last night.  Chris Bouchard decided to beat me early on Wednesday and gave his Team L’Esperance 4 of their 17 points.  Roy L’Esperance just doesn’t like to lose, he took another 3 1/2 points for a total of 7 points for the year and the best overall record.

Our closest to the pin winners were from the A and B Flights this week.  Doug Johnson won $80 for his shot on the 8th hole and Jason Sherman won $80 on the 4th.  Congrats to both of you.  If you went home without the cash, be sure to stop by the Pro Shop and pick it up!  Next week will be a redo on Closest for the C and D Flights and a Skins competition for all, stay tuned for more details.

As always have fun and play well this weekend!

For most of us just having a scorecard last week was a treat, but for some members the scorecard caused some confusion.  We’ve corrected a few items on the card for this week and wanted to share a summary of the scoring, particularly how handicaps and strokes are calculated.

Changes for this Thursday’s Scorecard

  • 4-Match Scoring Instructions printed on card
  • Handicapping Instructions printed on card
  • Accurate Course Handicap (based on recommended Flight Tee Box)
  • Overall Strokes and Hole Indicators NOT PRINTED on card

Historically, members had to go online or lookup in GHIN the opponents handicap, and were forced into playing a certain set of tees.  This caused confusion, delay in teeing off and most importantly wasn’t really a USGA approved method for handicapping our matches.  This year the Pro Shop will be updating your handicaps through GHIN and printing scorecards based on that week’s matches.  They will also be using your COURSE HANDICAP instead of just your GHIN Handicap.  This means that if you want to play a different tee box than your opponent the Handicaps and strokes can be adjusted quickly from the starter box.

Handicapping a normal match –

  • Pick up your scorecard from the starter
  • Find the difference between course handicaps (Ex:  16-13 = 3)
  • Divide by 2 (Ex:  3/2=1.5)
  • Drop anything after the decimal (Ex – 1 Stroke)
  • Indicate the stroke holes on the nine holes you are playing

What if I play a Sub?

  • Write in his name
  • Ask Starter or Pro Shop for Course Handicap for the Tee Box you’re playing
  • Follow the handicapping steps above

What if I want to play a Tee Box that’s different than my opponent?

  • Ask the Starter or Pro Shop for Course Handicap you’re playing
  • Follow the handicapping steps above

What if we BOTH want to move Tee Boxes from recommended?

  • Don’t worry about adjusting both Course Handicaps
  • Follow the handicapping steps above



Team Results

The best team of the night was Team Loeffler with 17 out of a possible 24 points, and they had a Sub!  The team of Matt Bieber, Darren Anand, Drew Gelfenbein, Colin McIntosh, Jake Loeffler and Richard Slusky managed to get out of the evening with one loss, one tie and 4 wins with 2 of those being shutouts.  Teams Sleeper, L’Esperance, Evarts and Yee aren’t far behind.

Individual Results

Speaking of shutouts, we had 10 overall – 4 in the F Flight, 3 in the E Flight, 1 in the C Flight and another 2 in the B Flight.  I should mention that I know at least 2 of those were no shows for the night.  Captains, make sure your players are showing up!

Our players in the number one slot after our first week are Doug Johnson, Tyler Troescher, Kurt Liebgott, Jake Loeffler, Hall Evans, Roy L’Esperance and Kevin Sleeper.  We had two rookies win their first match with a blowout.  Charlie Masenas and Daryl Campney, welcome to Men’s League!  And a special shout out to Richard Slusky who got his first win and a shutout subbing for Captain Loeffler!

Individual Money

As promised we had our first of 13 weeks of Thursday prizes, just another reason to show up and play on Thursday.  This week it was a Closest to the Pin contest for our E and F Flight players.  The Closest to the Pin version of our weekly prizes will only be on the front nine, but you’ll have a chance to win on both par 3s.  This week Jake Loeffler stuck his tee shot on 4 to 6’11” and Dan Ryan got to 13’11 on the 8th hole to each win $80 in cash.  Congrats to you both!

In an effort to distribute more money, more regularly to more people we limited this Closest to the Pin to just the E and F flights, next week it’s B and C – make sure to play the front nine next week folks!


My apologies for the confusion with Scorecards last night, I didn’t do a very good job communicating our needs to the Pro Shop.  Next week we’ll make a couple of changes.   Thanks for your patience as we worked out a few kinks in our new process, we’ll have more details to follow.

Have a great weekend, stay dry!

Swanny Scramble

a packed house

What a great way to start our season!  I hope you had as much fun as I did last night, judging from the pictures and stories I’m guessing that you did.  It was just the kind of night that John would have loved, I’m sure he was the invisible force that held off our rain last night.

Not only did we avoid the rain, we had a scoring system that wasn’t confusing and a payout of actual cash in a timely fashion!  Kudos once more to Mike Abbott, Kris Cauchon and Shaun West for helping make this an exciting start to the year.  Kudos should also go out to our Outside Staff and Bartenders.  Yesterday, was the Vermont Golf Association annual trip to VNCC – it’s a huge day across the state for folks who don’t get a chance to play our track and it always sells out.  Outside Staff not only cleaned up after that hot mess, they got us ready right after and stayed late to clean up our mess.  Jaden and Hannah, the waitstaff and kitchen kicked into gear around 8 and did an incredible job of a difficult task – 84 rowdy thirsty, customers all at once.



We had some surprisingly low scores all around but two teams finished tied with a 6 under 66.  Ultimately, it came down to a tie-breaker on the 7th hole to decide the match.

Team Sleeper – Phil Sheridan, Doug Johnson, David DeLuca, Mark Levinsky, Chris Thomson and Kevin Sleeper ended up with the top prize and $50 each for their collective efforts!

Team McAllister – Scott McAllister, Will McAllister, Michael Troescher, Dan Jenkins subbing for Matt Dodds, Michael Cheeseman and Bill Stirewalt ended up in second place and received $40 each for a fantastic round.  A 66 with a bogey on 7!  Great job guys.



A few weeks ago our Captains got together for draft night, this week we took a picture.  It’s a thankless job that might result in a name on a trophy or plaque in the clubhouse.  It’s not much but I’m very grateful for anyone who takes on this task.  I’m particularly happy for this year’s group of guys.  As you’ve learned we’ve listened to your suggestions and made  few format changes this year.  Our Captains will be instrumental in ushering in these new changes.

Too long ago, I took on the role as Captain because I didn’t really get to meet anyone on my team the year before.  I made a point of trying to schedule a tee time with everyone of them – at least once.  That idea has evolved into the Team Event concept that you saw last night.  Hopefully you got to meet someone new and reconnect with guys you wouldn’t normally play with on Saturday or Sunday.  Keep that going, when you make tee times this year try and play with someone on your team.




If you didn’t have enough fun on the course last night, or ended up a little cash from the prize pool there was always Poker.  For those 18 new members, you may not be aware but we almost always play a little poker after Men’s League on Thursday.  The Member Lounge outside of the Men’s Locker room is spot and all you have to do is show up to play.  John Swanson was almost always at the table, and almost always with a Jack Daniels by his side.  When I walked through after my round I noticed this picture on the table and I got a little choked up.  I hope you enjoyed the Jack Daniels and a toast to our friend.  We love you too, John.  Cheers!