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This Thursday is our Championship Banquet.  Our much loved VNCC closes their doors to the rest of our membership and puts on a fantastic dinner for just our Massey Men’s League.
A few good reasons for attending –
  • Connect with friends one last time as a Team and League
  • Prime Rib and Lobster
  • Free Drinks
  • I’m really looking forward to seeing you all again
  • Poker after dinner
Unfortunately, when I posted last week that I needed you to sign up and indicate if you were planning to attend, only about half of our members chose to do that.  I need you to do that.  I need you to do that now.  Either way, please take action, we owe Zack, Justin, Emily and the rest of our VNCC extended family an accurate count.
If you don’t remember if you filled out the form (I created the form and couldn’t remember, it’s ok) click here – Championship Banquet Attendees
If you didn’t tell us your intentions, or your name isn’t on the list, please click here to let us know if we’ll see you on Thursday – Register for the Championship Banquet
Thank you for doing the right thing and I hope to see you on Thursday.
Since it’s my last Banquet it will be a bittersweet evening for me.  With that said, I promise to make the awards ceremony quick, fun and enjoyable!  I can’t promise it won’t include a little emotion on my part, it’s been such an honor getting to know you, spending time with you and doing everything I can to make this Men’s League experience something special for each of you.  I’m truly going to miss this Thursday experience.
Finally, just a couple of last minute notes if you CAN’T attend:
  • Don’t hesitate to send this to a Substitute member that helped you out.  Have them fill out the form – we just need them to tell us they’re coming.
  • You already paid for your dinner, if you can’t attend your dinner fee goes toward cocktails and that equals Fun and Enjoyable!  Thank you for the hangover!

See you tomorrow!

Just a couple of updates as we wrap up our season, your action is required!

Championship Banquet 2017

It’s been a tough schedule this year, largely due to the weather.  Partly though we also missed a couple of scheduling options.  This one is all on me.  My apologies for scheduling the Championship Banquet during the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana.

The banquet is always a great meal and one last opportunity to meet up with your team and fellow Men’s League members for a few golf stories.  We also pass out a ton of Cash.  This year will be particularly bittersweet for me as it will be my last one.  I hope you can join us and not just because you’ve already paid for the dinner.  I’ll promise to keep my comments short and sweet because I’d also like to give you a forum to discuss my transition out.

Before that can happen, I need everyone to take 2 minutes to let me know if you’ll be attending – Click here NOW to let us know! – We need to hear either way, thanks in advance!  If you can’t attend, please take a minute to send the sign up to your favorite Substitute as a thank you!

WaxWell Cup 2017

For years I’ve been talking with our esteemed Pro turned GM, Zack Wyman, about making the Inter-club match with Burlington Country Club a more competitive and club wide event for Vermont National.  It should also be a reward, not an expense for our players.  We found out on May 22nd that our dream might be a reality.  Although we didn’t have it ironed out until the end of August, I’m very excited to report that moving forward the event will consist of 12 Men’s League Members and 12 Non-Men’s League Members.  I may be more delighted that moving forward – the Pro Shop will coordinate this event!

The WaxWell Cup takes place tomorrow, September 12, at Burlington Country Club, 18 holes and a dinner to follow.  If you haven’t heard from the club on details, you didn’t make the cut.  If you want to see our team this year – WaxWell Cup Participants – is the full Roster and how they made it to this cool event.  Reach out to your friends and wish them luck.

Men’s League Members

Each of the top 2 Flight Leaders will be awarded a spot to compete in the WaxWell, with the 3rd and 4th filling where availability is limited.  Thanks to Kris and Shaun for forecasting this kind of shift at the start of the year and insisting on budgeting money to help defer the cost of the event for what was 36 Player Men’s League only event.  We originally allocated $15 of your dollars to defer the cost of shirts and hats.  That foresight means that we can actually cover the cost the both the apparel AND the meal making this a true reward for excellent year long play.  This is huge and I totally recommend budgeting this next year.  Hopefully, with this understanding and some marketing from the club we can grow this event into a long term success.

Vermont National Members

The 12 Non-Men’s League Members consist of 6 Club Champions and 6 Captain’s Picks.  Technically, they aren’t necessarily all Non-League Members, but they have earned a spot to play based on something other than Men’s League play.  This year moving forward the Club Champion, Senior Club Champion, Net Club Champion, President’s Club Champion and the Two Four-Ball Champions will join 6 Captain’s Picks chosen by the club.  Your Men’s League dues will not fund the fees necessary to to cover the apparel and food for the event, but the club has stepped up in a big way to make this a reward for these players too!  In order to play in each of the Championships listed above participants were charged an entry fee that goes toward Food, Trophies, cash prizes and a cut for the club.  It’s out of this cut, that the apparel and food expenses will be paid for the 12 Non-League participants.  Thanks to Zack for making this possible both this year and years to come.  I truly do believe that this should not be an expense, but a reward for all participants.  It’s an exciting change and hopefully serves to build some excitement club wide moving forward!

Final Event

We tried very hard this year to spread out the wealth that is your annual Men’s League dues.  We scheduled more team events, weekly prizes and balanced the team and individual payouts.  Due to rain dates, WaxWell budgeting and a variety of other unforeseen factors leave us at the end of the year with a little bit of money left over and I’d like to hear from you on how we spend it.  We’ll also have a full budget update at the banquet.  If you don’t mind taking a minute to follow one more link and give us your opinion that would be awesome.  Final Event Ideas

Have a great week everyone and I hope to see you on Thursday!  Have fun and Play Well.





Last week we wrapped up our men’s league with our annual Cameron cup. It was certainly a cold and windy night and the scores surely reflected that. I’d like to thank Dan again for sponsoring this event, without his help men’s league wouldn’t be able to host this each year. Now onto the Winners!

A – Bob Stewart – 38

B – Sam Handy – 43

C – Tyler Troescher – 40

D – Dave Chafetz – 44

E – Joel Dude – 44

F – Kevin Sleeper – 45

Note: Please see Mike Abate in the pro shop if you haven’t received your winnings for the Cameron Cup.

Year End Banquet

Our Banquet will be on Sept 21st starting at 6pm. We will be paying the winners from each flight, second half team winners and overall team winners. There will be tastings available and a wonderful dinner from the club. I hope to see you all then!

This week we will be playing our annual Compass Cup! We will be changing it up this year and making this event a whole league event. The format for this week will be lowest gross score for each flight to take home the cash!

How it will Work

The tee sheet will be set up like a regular men’s league night. Pick a time on Thursday that works for you and play with anyone in men’s league. You will have the option to play the front nine or the back nine. Please note, the back nine tee times will start after 5 like a regular men’s league week. The individual with the lowest nine hole score in each flight will be declared the winner.

The Rules

This is a gross stroke event which means you need to play your ball into the hole… Yes that means no more three foot GIMEES! We understand there could be some blowup holes which could slow play down, so we will be having a max of a 10 on a hole.


We will have a scoreboard on the patio with all the flights and names so when you finish you can see how you matched up in your flight. Scorecards will be provided by the starter per usual. We ask that you and you playing partner exchange scorecards at the beginning of the round and score each other’s round. At the end of the round you will review the cards and submit your score.

A special thanks!

If you see Dan Cameron please reach out and thank him for sponsoring this event! Without Dan’s help we wouldn’t be able to have this event each year.